February 13, 2021

Video & Photo Reduces Future Investigation Costs

Nicholas Muir

We believe that there are two core reasons to implement construction monitoring and photo documentation to your job site. The latter of those two reasons is to help resolve disputes in the post-construction phase.

Sometimes, a dispute needs to be resolved by conducting an investigation. The owner must vet the claims of the dispute, change order, or claim against actual data, progress reporting, and documentation conducted throughout the course of the construction.

OnSiteIQ’s unique video and photo documentation solution for construction sites provides transparent, objective, actual visual data for owners and developers and their teams to refer back to when conducting an investigation.

Ultimately, the ability to verify the integrity of the project through video and photo documentation helps save on possible investigation costs. The option to verify facts about the construction can help owners and General Contractor’s (CG’s) trust their subcontractors more, save on general conditions / labor costs with a shorter investigation time and potentially expensive and time-consuming re-work.

How Can Verification Save on Investigation Costs?

One of the unique values of OnSiteIQ is the level of transparency and accuracy in its reporting. After all, our cameras are the all-seeing eye of the construction site, and we like to think of it as the visual history book for your job as we show every square foot of the project every week.

A real-life example where our video and photo documentation technology helped pinpoint a key oversight in the project, comes when the installation of vanities in a hotel were improperly installed.

When the issue was brought to the forefront during the commissioning and opening of the hotel well after the work had been completed, OnSiteIQ’s technology was able to confirm who made the mistake, and when the mistake was made.

With the ability to verify how and why this issue occurred & the data behind this error, thousands of the owners and general contractors dollars in investigation costs were saved due to a shortened investigation period, which ultimately helped recover some of the costs that would have otherwise been lost or charged extra by the GC due to this error.

The Element of Trust

When you are the owner of a development, and your ability to be physically present at the site is challenged by travel or due to managing several projects, having video and photo documentation can help build a better foundation of trust between you and your GC and subcontractors. This can help with enhancing better communication and transparency by providing you the tools to manage the project on time, or even better, ahead of schedule – a win-win for everyone

Having a video and photo documentation platform will allow you to confirm the details that are being reported to you, which gives you the confidence to move onto the next step of the job.

While we would never suggest that the construction industry is inherently dishonest, every industry has its bad apples, and construction is no exception. Having OnsiteIQ can help verify what was installed which helps validate a change order, claims and pay requisitions

OnsiteIQ can also help owners and developers work on solutions to issues as the entire team can focus and zoom in anywhere within the building as again we at OnsiteIQ will provide full 360-degree video documentation to every square foot of the building, every week.

In another simple real-life example, a General Contractor was dishonest with the owner about the number of doors that were ordered. Only about 75% of the doors were installed, while the GC was claiming 100% through the pay requisition. OnSiteIQ helped step in with its video and photo documentation and allowed the owner to see that there was a discrepancy, and ultimately that their GC was claiming more than he should.

By stepping in and stopping this dishonest approach, the owner was able to pay for what was physically installed by having the proactive, and objective visual data supplied by OnSiteIQ’s technology. This is a practical example that could happen to any trade where the costs are riskier.

When it comes to the element of trust, it can be helpful to have the visual data to either confirm or deny the character of a GC, or any of a job site’s subcontractors. Or better still OnsiteIQ will aid to promote trust within the development team to allow the project to finish on schedule or better still ahead of schedule. At the end of the day, time equals money, so with the possession of OnSiteIQ’s scalable visual construction documentation and technology, the return on that investment will speak for itself.

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