An Intelligent Construction
Photo Documentation Platform

See Your Site from Anywhere

OnSiteIQ's construction documentation platform enables you to virtually walk your jobsite from your office, home, or even the golf course. No matter where you are, our 360° photo documentation helps you control progress, quality, and risk.

See your site from anywhere with construction photo documentation
Construction video documentation map to floor plan

Interactive Floor Plans

Our AI engine maps the construction video documentation we capture to your floor plan so that you can easily navigate your jobsite. You no longer have to shuffle through thousands of image files to find what you need. With OnSiteIQ's construction documentation platform, you can jump to the exact location you need to see.

Create Jobsite Observations

Manage your entire construction portfolio from anywhere using a single platform. Our network of construction photographers walk your site once a week to capture 360-degree photo documentation of every interior and exterior. Perform a virtual walkthrough of any site, anywhere, at every stage of construction. Monitor progress, resolve issues, and assure quality across every project with construction photo documentation.

Create observations with jobsite photo documentation
Build on time with schools and university construction documentation

Monitor Progress

Visual Search powered by OnSiteIQ’s powerful AI engine enables you to locate the objects of interest at any point in time and track significant milestones, progress, quality, and safety risks. With Visual Search, you can find objects such as windows, doors, workers, and more.

Travel back in Time

Go back and view photo documentation from every phase of your project. Verify and reconcile change orders today and troubleshoot issues tomorrow to speed up repair projects and future enhancements. Facilities management has never been easier with the ability to look behind walls, spot MEP, and avoid destructive investigation. 

Travel back in time with 360° photo documentation
Collaborate seamlessly with construction photo documentation

Collaborate Seamlessly

Seamlessly communicate with your partners on essential platforms. Don’t get bogged down toggling between tools and performing duplicative tasks and data entry. Our platform integrates with tools such as Procore. With enhanced technology and built for a project's entire lifecycle, OnSiteIQ delivers an unmatched construction documentation experience.

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