February 2, 2021

Two Core Reasons to Implement Construction Monitoring

Nicholas Muir

If you are an owner, or at the highest level of a construction project, you may not be privy to everything that is required to effectively manage the General Contractor (GC) or their subcontractors. Risk management in construction projects can be the difference between a project finishing on time and on budget, or not. Therefore, you rely on Project Managers (PMs) to maintain the day-to-day operations of your construction site. By nature of this relationship, your role at the top is pivotal in proactively identifying delays before they happen, and reconciling mistakes made along the way, while your PM is deep in the day-to-day details of the project. Accordingly, a PM may not have the time, vision, or foresight to identify a mistake or a delay. This is where OnSiteIQ’s solutions of construction management through video and photo documentation become pivotal.

Consider a scenario in which you as the owner are caught up to speed on the status quo of a project before you visit the site the next day. Perhaps you are traveling to the site on a Monday to meet with the team and observe the workflow and status of the project. With OnSiteIQ, you can review the details of your project prior to your visit and be informed of progress and potential issues and risks from the comfort of your couch using our video and photo documentation technology.

If you find yourself in this scenario where you’ve elected to omit the hiring of a GC and are instead reliant on a PM to manage your site and subcontractors, then OnSiteIQ’s photo and video construction documentation technology can provide you two core values with our Video 360 viewing all areas of your building.

Core Value #1: Proactive Risk Management in Construction Projects

When hiring a PM, as an owner, you are entrusting that person to effectively manage the day-to-day of your site. Depending on the nature of your agreement with your PM, these trusted advisors may be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the project, or in concert with you, the owner.

Regardless, OnSiteIQ provides owners with timely access to help advise on these decisions, or dictate otherwise. This can be particularly helpful in design-build where scope definition responsibility and project control are assigned to the design-builder, and there exists no natural check on the design-builder.   

By having resources like OnSiteIQ in place, enhanced confidence can be gained between owners, PMs, and trade subcontractors. Remember that the core job of a PM is to manage the day-to-day. Therefore, forecasting budgets and proactively identifying time-saving solutions generally happen at a higher level. Having the power of technology to assist with these insights provide immense value in the following ways:

  • Decisions on how to effectively use available funds
  • Better checks and balances against the scope of work and the work being performed
  • Scheduling foresight, staying ahead of the game.
  • Risk mitigation
  • Design decisions
  • Construction quality
  • Ensuring the build is happening to code

Ralph Waldo Emmerson once said, “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” Don’t leave your construction site to theoretical decisions and surprise results. OnSiteIQ puts the power of action and proactivity in your hands and allows you to be one step ahead of your site. Furthermore, OnsiteIQ gives you the resources to work with your PM to budget better, schedule better, and ultimately deliver better results.

Core Value #2: Post-Construction and Dispute Reconciliation 

Once the build is complete, the job of an owner and PM is not done. Whether it’s reviewing maintenance manuals, warranties, or government certifications the job continues well after the point of construction completion.

One of the biggest post-construction tasks is dispute resolution. These can take on many forms, from a building mistake to an injury, or even a budgetary oversight.

When you think about the lifespan of a construction project, and all of the individuals and steps that it takes to finish a job, resolving disputes can seem daunting. Even the most accurate written record-keeping can omit key details that would otherwise help in dispute resolutions.

OnSiteIQ tremendously mitigates the omission of these details, because our photo and video documentation technology effectively perform as the visual history book for your construction site.

Categorized by date, and with timestamps to refer back to, an owner can objectively review the dispute on the date and time it occurred, from the room or site area that the dispute has been generated.

Should any dispute go so far as requiring legal intervention, OnSiteIQ is well equipped to provide support or defense of a claim. Conversely, this documentation may also show the fallibility in any given claim, allowing the dispute to be reconciled objectively. If nothing else, having this objective data to resolve disputes can be a huge time saver, which ultimately saves money and time on the backend of a construction job.

Keep in mind that disputes don’t only happen at the end of a job. They can occur at any point during the course of a project. In the worst-case scenario, this dispute can hold up the progress of a job, costing the owner time and a whole lot of money. With OnSite IQ, these disputes can be resolved faster, which can help steer your project back on track more quickly.

The OnSiteIQ Difference

At OnSiteIQ, we sympathize with the robustness of a construction site and what that can mean for its owners. Ultimately, a construction project is providing jobs to dozens of people and generating a positive infrastructure in the economy. Onsite IQ delivers digital technologies that help make that easier.

OnSiteIQ was developed with landowners and real estate developers in mind as a way to provide them with better access to their construction builds. With OnSiteIQ, you can anticipate the following benefits:

  • Help avoid conflicts and claims
  • Prevent delays
  • Increase the amount of reporting being done from the site
  • Improved communication
  • Design decisions

If you need better proactivity and post-construction management for your projects, then reach out to OnSiteIQ for visual construction documentation and request a demo today.