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Build trust and increase transparency across all construction projects

Build with Confidence

Increase transparency and accountability across your construction portfolio. Enable all stakeholders to refer to a single source of truth that becomes the center for communication, dispute resolution, and collaboration. We make it easy for construction project documentation to be part of your process.

Construction project documentation helps you build with confidence
Stay Ahead of Risk with construction project documentation for owners and developers

Stay Ahead of Risk during Construction

Tracking construction issues can be a challenge, especially for off-site management teams. OnSiteIQ helps you track progress and risk using our artificial intelligence platform trained on millions of images to recognize significant milestones, progress, quality, and safety risks. OnSiteIQ’s computer vision can see when concrete has been poured, walls framed up, and cabinetry installed, all without cumbersome tagging and visual data management. We make it easy for construction project documentation to be part of your process.


Control and Manage Project Data

You build for the future, and your data should stay with you every step of the way. Go back and view photo documentation from every phase of your project. Verify and reconcile change orders today and troubleshoot issues tomorrow to speed up repair projects and future enhancements. Facilities management has never been easier with the ability to look behind walls, spot MEP, and avoid destructive investigation. OnSiteIQ provides owners and developers a simple tool to streamline their construction project documentation process.

Control the Data of your construction project documentation

Asset Classes

No matter the asset class, OnSiteIQ will help you monitor progress, assure quality, verify change orders, and settle defect claims and litigation.


Increase transparency and accountability across your portfolio of condos, apartments, and build-to-rent properties.


Ensure every education facility is delivered on time and on budget with the quality your students and community demand.


Make it easier to construct, sell, and maintain commercial properties as they go through multiple fitouts and tenant changes.


Ensure every single-property or large hospitality facility project is delivered on time and on budget with the quality you and your guests demand.


Make sure your municipal, state, and federal construction projects meet the standards that heavily regulated projects demand.


Perform a virtual walkthrough across your portfolio of healthcare facilities to increase transparency and accountability.


The Moinian Group
Increases transparency
& accountability

Learn how The Moinian Group is increasing visibility into job sites and keeping more project stakeholders accountable.

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