October 15, 2020

Visual Search

Torrey Dye

Introducing Visual Search

For a savvy developer, every minute matters, especially now when global events are creating slowdowns and eating into profits. Whether you’re overseeing a single complex job or a large portfolio of projects, tools for creating greater efficiency are critical. That’s one reason that OnSiteIQ introduced virtual walkthroughs to allow land owners and developers to quickly navigate the most recent construction photo and video documentation produced on their jobsites from anywhere. Now we’re taking that experience a step further by introducing Visual Search, powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence technology for construction documentation.

What is visual search?

Imagine being able to track progress on key milestones and assess the quality of specific installations at a glance. Visual search empowers OnSiteIQ users to locate objects of interest at any point in time with a simple keyword search. Our powerful AI engine can identify major milestones like drywall, framing, rough-in, and much more. It’s now possible to track these key objects and installations without the cumbersome work of manually tagging and retagging objects in your construction photos. All you’ll need to do is select the type of object you want to view and OnSiteIQ’s intuitive AI will highlight them on your interactive floor plan allowing you to easily navigate to key points in your virtual walkthrough. With visual search, your team will be able to quickly and easily track major milestones, quality, and safety risks.

Why visual search

We know that time is of the essence for busy developers. Visual search allows you and your team to zero in on critical areas of interest through the construction process without sifting through thousands of images or even performing a full virtual walkthrough. With a few clicks you, your quality control experts, or even inspectors can identify and jump to critical areas of interest to assess quality and safety.

Once construction is closed, visual search will be a valuable time saver for owners and facilities managers looking to quickly locate and track critical infrastructure for updates, repairs, and maintenance. In the coming months, our proprietary artificial intelligence will continue to learn new visual data adding more objects of interest to its growing field of recognition.

What’s next

The release of visual search is a key step in our ongoing mission to transform the way technology enhances construction project management. While we will continue to bring the best and most intuitive system for creating, sharing, and managing construction visual documentation, we’re also committed to building a video and photo construction documentation platform that delivers real actionable insights derived from machine learning.

In an industry where quality, accuracy, and efficiency are key, we’re building a platform that’s constantly learning and improving to help you grow your bottom line. Schedule a demo today to see Visual Search in action!