July 6, 2020

Operationally Superior


Over the last 11 months, OnSiteIQ has gone from operating solely in New York to operating in 12 markets across the U.S. Our team has collected and mapped 190 million square feet of construction and it is our operations team which allows us to expand to new markets with ease.

Every day across the country, OnSiteIQ deploys a network of OSHA certified data collectors who walk every inch of client job sites. It is this network of former-construction-laborers-turned OnSiteIQ-data-collectors who act as the backbone of our successful early expansion.

Across the construction industry, laborers are negatively impacted by the seasonality of the work, often going months without consistent work waiting for the next job to start. OnSiteIQ provides laborers with a higher-paying alternative, offering them previously unavailable consistency and flexibility. OnSiteIQ has identified these major pain points for the modern construction laborer and created an operational model that effectively serves clients while creating local jobs in each market.

Unlike the securities markets, real estate construction has a limited amount of published information regarding specific assets, often limiting the strength of the assumptions analysts make for development. This limited information is often why real estate development firms tend to focus on a single asset class in a localized market. However, this is not always the case. Many of the large legacy developers have specializations across markets and asset classes. OnSiteIQ’s technology has simplified the construction documentation process and enabled us to take a lean operational approach that is perfectly positioned to serve the needs of all owners and developers. OnSiteIQ has found a competitive advantage with the teams’ ability to “open” and “close” a market for a single development.

OnSiteIQ is positioned to fulfill the needs of enterprise-level clients who are developing on a large scale across the country, all the while providing local higher-paying jobs, helping to build a tech ecosystem around the construction industry. Through comprehensively documenting job sites every week, OnSiteIQ provides owners and developers an extra layer of protection and peace of mind knowing that there is a complete digital record backing their building process.

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