March 2, 2021

From Construction to AI: Why Nick Muir Joined OnSiteIQ

Nicholas Muir

Like most construction projects, Nick Muir has experienced a complex, long-tailed, and fulfilling career in design and project management and development. As the Chief Strategy Officer for OnSiteIQ, Nick brings more than 35 years of development experience in the built environment with a fervent passion for the industry and an eye to improving efficiency, transparency, and collaboration within the industry.

Muir brings a unique point of view to construction, and construction efficiency. Upon being asked directly, Muir responded,

If you make something easy for construction, people [construction professionals] will use it. If it’s complicated, they will simply not use it.”

Muir brings this approach to the OnSiteIQ team, who are improving the industry with efficiency and transparency in the construction business with their user-friendly, and navigable 360 documentation and AI schedule tracking platform. Muir went on to say,

just as we did with safety, owners and developers can insist on change. There are things we can do now to influence change like selecting delivery methods and insisting on transparency. We can make contracts fair or onerous, allowing us to define the scope in which we work together.”

A Match Made in Movies

Around 2018, Muir who was the Managing Director for citizenM met Ardalan Khosrowpour. After professional stints in Australia, Qatar, Dubai, and the United States, Muir met Ardalan and his New York-based company, OnSiteIQ and hired them for citizenM’s Boston North Station.

With OnSiteIQ, a portfolio of ten projects was managed seamlessly while being reviewed and monitored remotely. The functionality and clarity of the construction photo documentation allowed the project to stay on time and within budget while giving the remote stakeholders the access they needed to review in a timely fashion, many of whom were operating in different continents and time zones.

It didn’t take Muir long to develop a friendship with Khosrowpour and grow to love the unique value OnSiteIQ brought to the construction industry. Upon taking the role of Chief Strategy Officer, Muir recognized quickly that the consistency and reliability of the technology open up a peace of mind the owners can validate their schedules, costs, and cash flow on a daily basis by monitoring the progress of the build, as it’s happening at their convenience.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, Muir is committed to providing the irreplaceable OnSiteIQ technology for developers and owners around the world, while continuing to improve and expand on the artificial technology (AI) the company uses.

Muir believes that we aren’t far from having incredibly sophisticated AI incorporated into the tech boom the construction industry is currently experiencing. On that note, OnsiteIQ will be launching hi-tech AI scheduling solutions for the industry in the near future.

Whatever it may be, Muir is dedicated to continuing to identify unique and cost-effective ways for the construction industry to be more efficient, collaborative, and transparent. According to Muir, costly delays caused by bad information are an industry epidemic. OnSiteIQ puts the power of the build back in the owner’s hands.