How it Works

OnsiteIQ Captures 360º Video

OnsiteIQ Capture Specialists regularly walk the job site to capture comprehensive, objective, and up-to-date 360º videos of your project.

Mapped to the Floorplan

Our computer vision engine automatically maps each video to your architectural floor plans to create a perfect record of your project.

Monitor and Report

Our artificial intelligence engine tracks major milestones to provide status and trend reports across your entire portfolio.

Verify – Make the Call

You’re ready to make critical decisions using the latest status and trends, with visual documentation at your fingertips for payment and change order verification.


OnsiteIQ acts as a single source of truth to ensure alignment and transparency across all stakeholders. Empower your team with comprehensive documentation for asset management and warranties.


OnsiteIQ uses advanced machine vision technology to analyze the visual data captured by our team. Keep projects on time and prevent delays by monitoring the latest trends for major milestones – the information you need is always just a few clicks away.


OnsiteIQ allows you to verify payments instantly with the latest status and visual documentation for each major milestone. Validate change orders with confidence using historical project documentation at your fingertips.

Reimagining real estate from the ground up.