OnSiteIQ + Procore

Increase transparency and accountability across your portfolio by combining 360° photo documentation with Procore.

See Your Site

Manage your entire portfolio from anywhere. Our team walks your site at least once a week to capture 360° photo documentation of every interior and exterior, empowering you to perform a virtual walkthrough of any site, anywhere, at every stage of construction. Monitor progress, resolve issues, and assure quality across every project.

Construction project documentation helps you build with confidence

OnSiteIQ + Procore

OnSiteIQ enables owner and developer management teams to perform virtual walkthroughs with 360° photo documentation anytime from anywhere and send visually documented observations to the teams on-site using Procore. With OnSiteIQ and Procore, you can submit observations and RFIs, reconcile change orders, and validate payouts.

Submit Observations
and RFIs

Collaboration between owner and developer management teams and on-site teams has never been easier. Make observations in OnSiteIQs 360° photo documentation platform and send them to on-site teams using our Procore integration with a click of a button. Increase transparency, accountability, and collaboration across your portfolio.

Reconcile Change Orders

Tracking construction issues can be a challenge, especially for off-site management teams. OnSiteIQ enables you to substantiate the change orders you receive through Procore visually. With OnSiteIQ, you can track specific locations overtime to expedite the change order verification and payment process.

Validate Payouts

See when concrete has been poured, walls framed up, and cabinetry installed, all without cumbersome tagging and visual data management. OnSiteIQ empowers you to validate the payouts you receive through Procore effortlessly. Our AI engine, coupled with visual documentation, helps you locate the significant milestones and verify against payouts effortlessly with the Procore integration. See rebars after the slabs are poured, MEP after the walls and ceilings are closed, and interior elements.

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