About Us

Who We Are

OnsiteIQ is the definitive verification layer for real estate construction. Since 2017, we’ve worked with real estate owners, developers, and investors to deliver the construction intelligence they need to make business-critical decisions about their portfolios.

OnsiteIQ delivers 360º imagery of active builds across your real estate portfolio, offering a perfect record of progress to date, along with real-time project analysis and actionable insight.

Our Mission

Deliver actionable construction intelligence
to real estate decision makers.

Our Values

Be essential

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. We build tools that deliver meaningful value to customers and help them work smarter.

Innovate endlessly

We aren’t content with the status quo. We tirelessly pursue progress and growth, and never give up on a challenge.

Default to action

We build products that are dynamic and interactive. We design tools to be used, not just data to be stored.

Be transparent

We reflect the transparency our product offers by being upfront and direct with our clients. We don’t play games and are always straight shooters.

Our Journey

Monitoring 1,900+ projects across 90+ markets in US & Canada
Monitoring 1250+ projects across 70+ markets in US & Canada
Operational in 52+ markets in US & Canada
Progress Monitoring launched (beta)
Visual Documentation launched

Our Investors