September 30, 2021

Why Data is a Pillar of Construction Intelligence

Nicholas Muir

In October 2021 OnSiteIQ will be launching a construction intelligence platform that will be able to Instantly flag delays, contribute to schedule adherence, and allow owners and developers to leverage data like never before.

The construction industry, especially in commercial development, has repeatable dependencies and activities . From design process, bidding, contractor selection, materials, critical path activities, project cost many companies would benefit from data that allows them to make their today’s industry standard construction process to be far more efficient. A unified data management system has the potential to be an industry disruptor in a positive way.

This is why OnSiteIQ has developed this Project Progress Dashboard Platform and is staking its future as a company in it. By utilizing data pulled from construction video and photo technology, and putting it towards growing a construction portfolio’s efficiency, owners and developers will help save months of delays and costs.

Why OnSiteIQ is Developing This Tool

Construction intelligence is a still-emerging trend in construction but is one the industry soon won’t be able to live without. It will become a industry norm. And OnsiteIQ will be a Industry household known name. A joint study by Autodesk and FMI determined the number of construction professionals using data in their day-to-day job has tripled in the last three years. However, over seventy percent of that group say the data they are collecting is bad, inaccurate, or unusable. The takeaway here is that the demand is apparent, but the technology is lacking.

This October, OnSiteIQ will be able to help owners and developers unify the data, and compress it into a format that provides 360 photo and video documentation, and actionable insights from that data. With nearly 40% of the industry asking for a better data platform, we know our dashboard will be a welcomed addition.

Data Doesn’t Have to be so Overwhelming

When you think about the professional sports landscape in 2021, many organizations in the NBA, Formula 1, and MLB rely on data continuously to improve their team. With more data than ever before made available to these teams and constructors , it allows them to be more proactive and thoughtful in their overall approach.

According to Nick Muir, Chief Strategy Officer of OnsiteIQ, “The construction industry is similar to sports, in that it might be generating more information than ever before, but whether that’s producing actionable insights – and better outcomes for the business – is another question. Since data can seem so overwhelming, many organizations don’t know where to start. However, there are simple steps that every business can take to overcome these hurdles, make more data-driven decisions and start to realize the full potential of construction intelligence.”

OnSiteIQ’s platform will make it easy for project management teams to collect, manage ingest, synthesize, and interpret data to provide actionable insights and clear next steps.

Stay tuned for OnSiteIQ’s launch of its new dashboard in October. In the meantime, request a free demo of our construction video and photo documentation technology.