September 20, 2021

Introducing OnSiteIQ’s Construction Intelligence Dashboard

Nicholas Muir

OnSiteIQ, the leading name in construction photo and video documentation, is ramping up its technology to provide groundbreaking and breakthrough construction intelligence through its newest progress dashboard. On October 1st, 2021, OnSiteIQ is set to release an artificial intelligence-supported scheduling progress dashboard that will give owners and developers unprecedented control over their construction projects. The construction industry has long been prone to delays and change orders that drive up the cost of doing business, which negatively affects the profitability of that project. OnsiteIQ will be the first in the global construction and development industry to launch a solution to an epidemic of late projects.

A Brief History on How We Got Here

OnSiteIq grew up as a business providing 360-degree documentation to construction owners and developers. This solution was hugely helpful, especially to those owners and developers in a remote capacity, with the ability to proactively manage their project with the thousands upon thousands of data points contextualizing their project(s).

On one hand, OnSiteIQ’s effort helped owners and developers get out ahead of schedule and cost risks, and prevented potential delays in projects. On the other hand, OnSiteIQ ended up acquiring a massive library of data from the hundreds of projects they’ve documented over the years.

With this library of footage, data, and insights, OnSiteIQ has generated an artificial intelligence-backed schedule progress dashboard that can now predict potential delays and notify the customer accordingly.

Say that shipment didn’t arrive on time, or a labor shortage suddenly threatened the schedule of a project, or a trade is falling behind schedule OnSiteIQ’s newest dashboard will alert, synthesize, and assess the implications of that delay immediately without any time lag.

This will allow owners and developers to immediately and proactively manage the issue, communicate accordingly with their team, and fix the problem realtime before it is a problem and causes delays.

The Construction Intelligence Dashboard: Steps

The construction intelligence dashboard can be simplified into three easy steps.

  1. OnSiteIQ captures your job site in 3D and sends photo and video covering the same path every week, documenting every square inch back to you weekly and within 24 hours of visiting the site.
  2. The platform, through artificial intelligence, maps your floor plan. This ultimately serves to provide context as you’re reviewing granular data throughout your entire site.
  3. Insights are delivered through the AI engine, progress gets tracked, and the real-time status of your project is available to you 24/7.

Providing you use the technology, share with the project teams, you will complete on schedule, if not ahead of schedule.

The Construction Intelligence Dashboard: Advantages

While staying on schedule and maximizing the profitability of your projects are big enough advantages to make OnSiteIQ a must-have in construction sites, there is a multitude of lesser-considered advantages stemming from better scheduling.

  • A-Z documentation of your entire project: No longer will owners and developers be at the mercy of subjective narratives, incorrect reporting, or delayed data. With the construction intelligence platform, owners get complete, objective, and accurate documentation of their entire project.
  • Proactively and objectively analyze your data: Flag delays earlier, and focus on pain points throughout a project with refreshing proactivity. OAC meetings can now be more streamlined and future / time-focused.
  • Maximize your team’s potential: With better context comes better communication, and with better communication comes a better understanding of each person’s role and responsibility. A streamlined process that allows for better decision-making and collaboration is sure to enhance your team’s potential.

This is an changing moment for the industry. No other company has the ability to release this level of transparency and accuracy. Save delays, save risk and maximize profit – use OnsiteIQ progress dashboard.


Stay tuned for our official release on October 20th, 2021. If OnSiteIQ sounds like a solution to the construction pitfalls you have fallen into in the past, you can request a free demo. Remember that in the new era of data, technology, and scalability in the construction industry, knowledge is power. Improve the knowledge of your construction site with OnSiteIQ.