August 8, 2021

How OnSiteIQ Aligns Matrix Organizations and Improves Leadership

Nicholas Muir

Matrix organizations, which are defined not by a hierarchical structure but by creating teams of functions, deliverables and accountability, often require strong project management communication, collaboration to manage  the output of each team into a cohesive product or service. A matrix organization often lives and dies by the strength of its project management personnel, and a project management team is only as strong as the resources, skills, communication, team dynamics and platforms within which they work.

A company like OnSiteIQ, which specializes in construction schedule intelligence and photo and video documentation, provides a platform that augments the talents of the  project management team. The construction industry, which is undoubtedly a matrix-driven industry, operates in such a way that each phase, trade, schedule management etc  of a construction project are heavily linked and dependent on each other. Therefore, it is critical that your various teams are aligned, motivated, and responsive to the project management team.

How OnSiteIQ Improves Project Management Leadership

Ultimately, the culture of any company, team, or unit boils down to trust. When trust is woven into the fabric of a group, the individual parts of that group can work with more confidence, passion, and decisiveness.

Former United States Senator Lincoln Chafee once said, “trust is built with consistency.” This quote also echoes  when we talk about how OnSiteIQ can build consistency within your matrix construction organization. Here are a few examples:

  1. With OnSiteIQ’s construction intelligence platform, potential delays can be identified  ahead of time and realtime. When this happens, project management teams can collectively & proactively course-correct and feel confident in their teams eliminating potential delays.
  2. With OnSiteIQ’s construction schedule intelligence dashboard, the weekly Owner-Architect-Contractor (OAC) meeting can be conducted on one unified platform sharing the same data real time. This dashboard, which is sending real-time data via photo and video documentation to all of the stakeholders of a construction project, is continually providing data & context that will make OAC meetings more forward-thinking, proactive and require less time to ferret for information and be on schedule if not ahead of schedule.

If trust is built with consistency, utilizing construction intelligence platforms will make communications within your organization more consistent, which is vital for project management teams working to blend the unique skills within your matrix.

Empowering Your Project Management Team

One of the pitfalls of project management, whether it’s construction or any other industry, is having your project management team feeling like the platforms and processes they’re working with are complicated, slow, inaccurate, or outdated.

Again, your project management team can only be as good as the resources they are given, which they can then use to maximize the efficiency and predictability of completing on time the skill set of each project team member. . With a resource like OnSiteIQ’s construction intelligence dashboard, the power of real-time data, visual documentation, and artificial intelligence-supported assessment of progress are tools that will allow them to act proactively and decisively to stay on schedule, on budget and as important everyone wins, the owner, the general contractor and the rest of the architects team Everyone can access fully enjoy the fruits of their hard work and progress to the next project.

When this happens, your project management team will feel like they are equipped to shoulder the responsibilities of managing the team, adhering to a schedule, and ultimately facilitating a profitable and qualitative project.

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If improving your team’s communication, trust, and consistency is something you’d like to see implemented in your next construction project, you can request a demo from OnSiteIQ. Run it by your project management team, and let them see for themselves how our construction intelligence platform will make their jobs easier, which will improve the result of your project.