July 19, 2021

How OnSiteIQ Sets Owner and Developer Expectations

Nicholas Muir

In business, and especially in the construction industry, setting clear expectations is the best way to make sure the stakeholders (owner/developer, contractor, architect) are aligned. Anyone who is a part of the construction business is expected to deliver three things.

  1. Deliver to schedule
  2. Deliver to budget
  3. Deliver to quality

No matter what role you carry in the build, and no matter how important your responsibilities are in the grand scheme of the project, your contributions towards the schedule adherence, budget, and quality of product measure the success of your performance and the job as a whole.

OnSiteIQ’s construction photo and video documentation is a breakthrough way of setting expectations in a way that proactively identifies potential delays and change orders, while strengthening trust within the communication of the stakeholders.

Delivering to Schedule With OnSiteIQ

A construction project starts with the baseline schedule from the contractor to the owner. The contractor is expected to meet that schedule or amend and update it as the project progresses.

In the Owner Architect Contractor (OAC) meeting, which is an industry-standard meeting that aligns the stakeholders of a construction project to the status of a job, the baseline schedule and three month lookahead schedules are reviewed in detail. Oftentimes, when a project experiences a delay, it can take the contractor 3-4 weeks to learn, synthesize, and pass through the context of a delay to the owner, which by that time means the project has been put behind schedule.

Where OnSiteIQ can help better-set expectations for the OAC meetings, especially in discussions around schedule adherence, is by providing visual data to the owner that establishes in real-time where the location and cause of a delay have occurred. When using the full functionality of OnSiteIQ, owners and developers can be privy to the granular details like which trade, task, or floor is behind schedule which allows them to take focused action accordingly.

The full control that an owner will enjoy can help them proactively address the issue with their architect and/or contractor, and identify solutions much faster than a 3-4 week window traditionally experienced.

With OnSiteIQ, expectations can be level set because the owner has video and photo documentation outlining the status of their project, which allows them to have proactive and informed conversations with their team around schedule adherence.

Delivering to Budget With OnSiteIQ

With OnSiteIQ providing 360-degree coverage of your job site, which includes every square inch of the build every week, we can help verify scope, change orders, and claims.

With our unique ability to focus on the details of any area of the building, regardless of the trade, and transmit that information back to the owner we are helping reduce delays and subsequent expenses. While an initial budget will include a contingency, OnSiteIQ helps owners feel better about using less of that contingency or reducing it in the original budget and scope by addressing potential risk ahead of time..

By proactively addressing problems, and finding real-time solutions, owners save time and money. When this happens, relationships between the project’s stakeholders improve, because the expectations that have been set at the onset of the project’s budget have been met.

Delivering to Quality with OnSiteIQ

Ultimately, there is no point in building something that is no good. The end product of a construction build is what gets seen, measured, and rated by the customers or tenants that use it. The project team, which includes the Contractor and Architect has the responsibility of making sure the highest standard of quality is applied to the building. Afterall, you wouldn’t buy a new car with a scratch down the side of the door would you!

With OnSiteIQ, this expectation can be helped because our photo and video documentation technology provides immediate knowledge of the quality in each aspect of the job. Whether it’s the paintwork, drywall installation, concrete, or electrical, each task of a construction job moves the project further along. What better way to ensure the quality of workmanship throughout the course of a project than by having the power of real-time video and photo documentation at your disposal?

The expectations of quality can be set, and continually reinforced by an owner/developer with the power of real-time context and visual data.

With OnSiteIQ, owners and developers get to be the driver, not the passenger.

Stay Tuned for OnSiteIQ’s Latest Dashboard Launching September 15th, 2021

OnSiteIQ is proud to announce that it is launching a new schedule  dashboard on September 15th, 2021. This dashboard will be equipped with the latest artificial intelligence advancements in our technology that allow owners to see what aspects of the project are at risk of being delayed.

This will allow our customers to reach a whole new level of proactivity in their construction projects because now you aren’t just catching delays sooner, but before they even happen.Setting expectations around schedule, budget, and quality will get even easier for owners and developers with the release of this dashboard, so stay tuned!