July 9, 2021

How Construction Photo Documentation Helps Assess Pre-Existing Site Conditions

Nicholas Muir

OnSiteIQ has become a well-known name in the construction space for being a photo and video documentation solution that provides real-time, and artificial intelligence-backed data that gives owners and developers insights into their project’s progressions. However, OnsiteIQ’s technology can be used even earlier in Preconstruction as well as construction.

When an owner or developer buys a building and has to reposition it, convert it or renovate it, they inherit the unknowns that the building carries which can include historical constraints, environmental impact, and a host of other variables that can affect their ability to get the construction component off the ground. With OnSiteIQ, owners and developers can mitigate some of these unknowns and create budgets and timelines more confidently, while ultimately feeling better about their investment in that building.

So whether you’re the type of owner or developer who must visit every potential site before a purchase, or relies heavily on your team to do your due diligence for you, OnSiteIQ can be there to help with your pre-purchase or post-purchase due diligence and survey needs. An in-person walk-through can never be replaced, but the use of photo and video construction technology can help fill in the gaps and provide the recorded level of documentation that will help the due diligence phase and post due diligence into design..

How Photo and Video Construction Documentation Helps with the Pre-Purchase Process

OnsiteIQ has been brought in as a scouting service to offer unbeatable photo and video documentation for owners and developers interested in purchasing an existing building. Say that a particular owner or developer isn’t available to do an in-person site visit in the earlier phases pre-purchase process, but wants to get a clear picture of the viability of that building for their portfolio, OnSiteIQ can assist with that.

Whether it’s checking the integrity of the building i.e. checking the conditions of the windows, OnSiteIq can cover every square inch of the building with its photo and video construction documentation technology and provide immediate information to the prospective buyer to make an informed decision. From this data, owners and developers can feel confident in their decision to purchase or pass on the building given the thorough nature of the survey their scout and assessment through OnSiteIQ.

How Photo and Video Construction Documentation Helps with the Post-Purchase Process

For owners and developers who have decided to purchase a building, utilizing OnsiteIQ to facilitate the remediation and construction process OnsiteIQ can give owners and developers the confidence that the schedule and budget are being met.

Specifically, OnSiteIQ gives owners and developers a real-time assessment of how the site is progressing and has the resources for immediate discussion and collaboration with their team. Instead of looking at hundreds, if not thousands of photos from a photographer, OnsiteIQ is there providing the information in real-time intel on the progress.

By having this technology in place, the owner or developer can focus their time and attention on using the data they are collecting to create the schedule, scope of work, and estimate for their project.

OnSiteIQ Provides Free Demos

If you have a property in mind as a potential construction investment, look into OnSiteIQ’s free demo offer. Oftentimes, seeing is believing, and we know how important pre-purchase and post-purchase scouting is. Whether it’s your first investment, or adding on top of an already impressive portfolio, let photo and video documentation give you the data that lets you make informed and thoughtful decisions from the project’s inception.