July 2, 2021

The 360 Degree Cycle of 360 Degree Construction Photo Documentation

Nicholas Muir

OnSiteIQ is the industry’s leader in construction photo documentation and construction video documentation. Never before have owners and developers of large-scale construction portfolios had the power of real-time information in their hands as what OnSiteIQ provides.

OnSiteIQ prides itself on the 360-degree vision of a job site. This allows our customers to space out their site visits without sacrificing a keen eye on the job. However, as a company that is receiving hundreds, if not thousands of data points per day, OnsiteIQ is using that information to create a better infrastructure that our clients can use to plan their future projects more efficiently.

So, if you think about it, the 360 vision we provide to our customers is helping create a 360-degree cycle of information and learning that will make the construction industry at large more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

OnSiteIq helps provide data that allows current and future projects to improve in each of their three core pillars.

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Performance

How Planning Improves with Construction Photo Documentation

In the planning phases, in which schedules and budgets are created, knowing that having a technology that allows for real-time insights into the job can help stick with the original plan better. Furthermore, once the project is complete, the learnings which are supported by data gathered from OnSiteIQ’s photo and video documentation technology will help fuel more thoughtful and informed budgets and schedules going forward.

To put it simply, the more projects that are done with OnSiteIQ, the more data that gets gathered. As this trend continues, and owners and developers are using that data to work with their internal and external teams, construction projects will be more fluid and efficient.

How Execution Improves with Construction Photo Documentation

With the 360 vision offered by OnSiteIQ owners and developers can track the execution of the project in real-time. As much as planning a project thoroughly can help set a good foundation for a construction site, being able to glean information from the execution of the site in real-time cannot be replaced.

With this level of access, owners and developers no longer have to wait the weeks, if not months it usually takes to hear about a delay. Again, if you oversee large portfolios, this type of information can be transferable to similar or identical projects in the future.

OnSiteIQ is excited to announce that in September 2021 we will be launching an evolution of our dashboard that will include the next generation of AI technology. By integrating artificial intelligence within our platform, OnSiteIQ is setting the stage for construction developers and owners to assess not just current or existing issues within a site, but projected delays during construction execution. As stated earlier, the more projects OnSiteIQ is a part of, the more data we gather. We are using that data to advance our AI technology in a way that removes a lot of the heavy lifting off of the owner, and flags potential delays as it forecasts them.

How Performance Improves with Construction Photo Documentation

When we talk about performance in this context, we are referring to specific and individual trades and specialties that make up a construction project. Ultimately, the sum of these parts helps create a final product that must stand the test of time and reactions from the public.

With OnSiteIQ, the real-time aspect of the technology allows you to witness, synthesize, and ultimately optimize each skill and trade being performed on your site. In doing so, owners and developers are endorsing better collaboration and communication, while keeping the schedule and budget front of mind in the process. When schedules are maintained, profits are maximized, and collaboration is fluid, everyone wins.

Then, once the project is over, the learnings, data, and action items you’ve gained from this job can be used to create a better structure and process for the future.

With OnsiteIQ, not only are you getting the 360-degree photo and video documentation covering every square inch of your site, owners and developers are creating a better cycle of construction. This cycle will only continue to improve as processes are tweaked and manipulated as needed based on what the data suggests.

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