June 21, 2021

How Photo and Video Documentation Blends The Field and The Office

Nicholas Muir

True ingredients to a successful project are communication, collaboration, and synergy within the team. This is true for all industries and definitely the construction industry. Having good communication in a way that looks to solve problems, and identify risks and opportunities, can fuel a successful construction project.

In 2021, communication has changed drastically from even five years ago, in that remote communication is more important than ever. Every industry has had to adapt to an economy that looks to be profitable, and scalable across every line item.

Blending the Field and the Office with Construction Video and Photo Documentation

Most owners, or C-Suite level executives of major construction corporations are often tasked with handling multiple projects at a time. In the past, it was common for these high-ranking professionals to conduct frequent field visits to assess progress – and still is today.

While nothing can replace an in-person visit, owners and C-Suite executives were traveling constantly from site to site, which takes a lot of time, cost and inefficiency. Not to mention the quality of life impact of being in and out of airports, and in and out of different time zones can easily lead to burnout.

So when you put this all together and see that the construction industry is in a time where projects are becoming more and more complex, remote teams are becoming more common than ever, and consistent and thoughtful communication remains a pillar of success, OnSiteIQ helps blend the field and the office in a way that greatly helps owners and C-Suite professionals.

How OnSiteIQ Blends the Field and the Office

When we say that OnSiteIQ can help blend the field and the office, we mean that we offer a unique hybrid of getting real-time data in a way that better accommodates personal and professional schedules.

OnsiteIQ provides a never-before-seen video and photo construction documentation technology that allows these C-Suite executives and other project team professionals to travel less, but communicate more. Ultimately, it’s the targeted and thoughtful communication between the Owner, Architect, and Contractor, as well as their respective project management teams, which facilitate the ability to assess real-time data, and the risks and opportunities it conveys.

OnSiteIQ provides a resource that owners and executives can rely on because it provides inherent advantages that bring the field to the office in a digital format.

360-degree coverage iforn every square foot of the site & building.

  • This allows owners/executives to assess staffing and resourcing strategies and general site progress.

Artificial intelligence technology flagging potential problems, and delays in schedule.

  • This allows owners/executives to maintain schedule adherence. Delays in the schedule is the main reason a project goes over budget.

Coming out in September 2021, a further enhanced schedule intelligence platform will have groundbreaking impacts in the industry, and the communication from field to office.

  • Owners and executives should keep an eye out for this release!

By bringing the field to the office, OnsiteIQ is helping owners feel good about spacing out their site visits more, but getting the real-time data to go along with their project on a daily basis. For the owners and executives out there handling 5, 10, or 15 projects at once, imagine what OnSiteIQ can do for your personal schedule. OnSiteIQ offers free demos in case interested readers would like to give it a test run.

The Importance of Communication Will Never Go Away

Just because communication has changed with technology does not mitigate its importance in our professional society. Communication, collaboration, and synergy are the ingredients for a successful project, and the construction industry is no exception.

At OnSiteIQ, we like to remind ourselves of a prevalent scenario that occurs in the construction business. Say the owner of the construction firm lives in New York, the architect lives in Los Angeles, and the build is happening in Houston. Poor communication and collaboration are not excuses for a failed project, so how do you overcome the remote project happening across different time zones? With photo and video construction documentation like OnSiteIQ, the project’s stakeholders are given access to the fields, from their offices. This is step one in creating a scenario in which communication can happen in a thoughtful and targeted way because everyone is on the same page by looking at the same data sets.

Photo and video construction documentation is the answer to limiting business travel, improving communication, and providing an aligned resource that can facilitate the weekly OAC meetings.