June 14, 2021

Construction Intelligence: What it is and Where It’s Going

Nicholas Muir

OnSiteIQ, the leader in construction photo and video documentation, is a company dedicated to blending technology and construction. The goal of OnSiteIQ is to make it easier and have presence on the site for owners and developers to assess real-time progress on their construction projects and create efficiencies in Owner-Architect-Contractor (OAC) meetings coordination and project delivery.

OnSiteIQ is certainly made up of construction experts with industry leaders like Nick Muir and Michael Feigin leading the charge. However, in blending construction and technology, OnSiteIQ must leverage the expertise of technical engineers who are experts in artificial intelligence, camera technology, and user interface design in order to achieve the proper blend of technology and construction.

That’s where leaders like OnSiteIQ’s Staff Computer Vision Engineer, Clement Ren, come in.

Introducing OnSiteIQ’s Clement Ren

Clement Ren brings a unique perspective to the construction space having started and spent the majority of his career outside of construction. Mr. Ren began his career at Bell Labs, the renowned research arm of AT&T, where as a software engineer he contributed to various digital signal processing products.

Once his venture at Bell Labs concluded, Ren transitioned to work for a few other leading technology companies, with specific focus on camera subsystems in smart devices. This hybrid understanding of camera capture technology and how it would translate to viewing on a screen ultimately set a baseline for how he could later contribute to OnsiteIQ’s construction photo and video documentation technology.

Ren then took an opportunity to pursue his own startup which focused on virtual reality in mobile devices which got him more involved in the coding and algorithm levels for computer vision which ended up being critical for his eventual role at OnSiteIQ. During this time of his startup, Ren grew exponentially as a computer vision expert while also honing his business acumen in the technology space.

Clement Ren and OnSiteIQ: Pairing Construction with Technology

After Ren’s attempt at a startup, he discovered OnsiteIQ, where he learned about their unique approach to construction photo and video documentation, and the role technology plays in their company.

Blending his understanding of computer vision algorithms, cameras, and business Ren became a key component in pushing the OnsiteIQ technology forward. He noticed immediately that OnSiteIQ created a unique solution to an age-old problem in the construction industry, and found an opportunity to put his skills towards this promising company.

In the two years that he’s been there, Ren has played a key part in developing the technology behind 3D mapping and point cloud creation tools that constitute the backend code to enable each owner viewing their project’s progress. He is also actively contributing to developing proprietary camera software s for OnsiteIQ, such as those used on their 360-degree cameras to deliver the data into the custom OnSiteIQ platform for viewing.

How Can the Technology Grow From Where Are Today

In Ren’s opinion, artificial intelligence (AI) represents the future in technology and construction photo and video documentation. The fact that OnSiteIq is leading the charge in creating AI for construction projects shows how proactive OnSiteIQ is in the technology space.

As the AI technology accelerates, and the specifications in cameras continue to become more efficient and more accessible while enhancing the viewing experience, the sky’s the limit for how the construction industry can leverage photo and video documentation to maintain schedule adherence and budgets. OnSiteIQ is on top of this technology with Staff Computer Vision Engineers like Clement Ren working day-in and day-out on a proprietary platform that puts the power of the project’s progress in the hands of owners and developers.

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